What a great Employer OR Employee paid add-on….with as little as $12 a month for a family

freshbenies – 24/7 access to a Doctor via a simple phone call

This is a strategic approach to help your employees take better control of their health.



We’re now providing a solution that’s simple, but so effective it will pay for itself in saved medical claims.

This is a fresh approach to benefits: give employees greater access.

Greater access to care with a 24/7 access to call a doctor and get a prescription, if needed.  Did you know 70% of medical issues can be handled over the phone?  Employees stay at work…healthier, happier and more productive!

Greater access to personal health advocates and billing specialists help navigate the complexities of “the system” and work to negotiate bills for those high out-of-pocket or out-of-network claims. Save employee & HR time and frustration.

Greater access to time-tested dental/vision/prescription discount networks for expenses that occasionally fall through the cracks in existing plans – or are now cut from benefit programs. Put cash back in employee pockets.

This is a set of non-insurance consumerism tools we are recommending to all of our clients as part of their total benefit package.